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Working with Sarah has been life changing. Lifelong intestinal issues have all but disappeared. Sarah is incredibly helpful and patient and I have learned so much. I feel like a new person. Worth every penny!

Working with Sarah has changed my health in more ways than one. I’ve struggled with my gut health for years and decided it was finally time to get to the root cause. The extensive testing that Sarah conducts and the ability to work with her on a weekly 1:1 basis has completely changed the game for me. I feel better than I ever have, and I can’t recommend her services enough. If you want to get to the root of your health problems, Sarah is the person for you! 10/10 recommend, thank you Sarah for transforming my gut health and impacting my life so profoundly!

Before working with Sarah, I’d been struggling with digestive issues for almost 20 years. After the first week of doing Sarah’s program, I saw immediate improvement.

My digestive issues markedly improved, my headaches were no longer a problem, and I started having more energy. I’ve been able to figure out exactly what foods are a trigger for me and how to manage them. Meanwhile, I’ve been able to feel 100% confidence in what foods do work for my body.

Sarah’s insight and expertise were incredibly helpful. I wish I’d had found her years ago. It would’ve saved me many trips to the doctor’s office and a lot of time searching for guidance (and guessing and checking foods without much success). I would highly recommend anyone struggling with digestive issues to enroll in Sarah’s program.

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Priceless. Sarah and the functional tests given answered my gut issues and more when no other doctor could. Thank you Sarah!

My work with Sarah saved my life. The food sensitivity and other testing were able to help me to get to the bottom to why I was having issues with digestion. With her help, I am now feeling normal and have a plan tailored to my body as to what to eat. She was very responsive and personable and comes highly recommended.

When I started working with Sarah I was so nervous and worried about what she
might say about my diet… She quickly put my mind at ease, has been so
incredibly kind and easy to work with. Sarah is also so informative and spot on
with her assessments and recommendations. Her program is life changing and I
feel so grateful to have found her.

This was quite a 3mo journey. Sarah was very passionate and knowledgeable
about her specialty. She was very honest about the time and commitment I
would have to put in to see results. We tackled each portion so it wasn’t too
overwhelming at once. Now that I am feeling like myself again, I realize how
miserable I felt for so long. Can’t thank you enough!

After having digestive issues for years, having lots of tests and doctors telling me I was crazy – I came to Sarah. Her tests indicated I was allergic to ALOT of food, and missing some key micro-nutrients. Her 3 month program helped set me straight. She provided me with recipes and recommendations of food to buy. She actually turned me into a cook! My husband was thrilled. I feel better than I have in years, and digestive issues don’t hold me back anymore. Bonus – I even lost some weight! I am so grateful for Sarah and her program.

I’ve been sick for a long time and now I can say I feel the best I have in years! Sarah has helped me so much over the past few months, my food sensitivities, acid reflux, I had so much pain in my stomach when I’d eat. It’s all so much better. I don’t have to worry when I go places, I know what works for me and what doesn’t. Thanks to Sarah for all the testing and tweaking. It was always so great when we talked, she helped me feel so much better and she is so kind and comforting. I only wish I found her years ago.

I started working with Sarah this summer after years of dealing with my gut
issues. I tried to resolve them myself, but with no luck. I was on an acid reducer
for years, which I believe contributed to the worsening of my problems. Luckily,
Sarah to the rescue!!! We worked together over the summer and I am feeling so
much better! Her testing is comprehensive and gets to the root of the problem.
That’s how things get fixed and I am happy to say that I am fixed! It’s a big
commitment and not always easy, but I dedicated myself to doing this and have
no regrets. Sarah is a life saver! I highly recommend her, without hesitation

Talking to Sarah has been so helpful for me and my daughter. She is also very easy to talk to and full of knowledge. I highly recommend Sarah. She helped us figure out the cause of my daughter’s stomach pain, and she has been there for us every step of the way.

As a result of Sarah’s program I’ve significantly reduced the number of painful reflux episodes I was experiencing. Now I’m able to go on long mountain bike rides, sleep uninterrupted through the night, no longer have to sleep with the head of my bed elevated, begin to wean off medication I’d been taking for years, and gain an in-depth understanding of what foods and supplements are optimal for my body and healing.

In conclusion, let me summarize for anyone reading this that Sarah Neumann is just AWESOME! When your physician has left you in limbo with your “gut issues”, Sarah is able to bring almost unbelievable nutritional knowledge into the battle of getting you better.

Not only is her technical understanding unsurpassed, but she also provides much needed comfort on the weekly phone calls that helped me have confidence that the PROCESS is working. This “hand holding” aspect of her practice is an essential component of the healing process.

Bottom line, if you are having chronic issues with GERD (or other GI problems) I strongly recommend that you get in touch with Sarah and commit to her program.
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I contacted Sarah after reading about her program on line. I felt like I was the poster person for the website. The three month program included food insensitivity testing. After the first two weeks of working with her, my digestive issues were well on the way to being managed. Thank you Sarah, you changed my life.

Neumann Nutrition and Wellness Changed My Life. I have suffered from food
sensitivities ( different from allergies) most of my adult life. First I self regulated
by avoiding foods that seemed to bother me. As my discomfort increased over
the years I used acid blockers and anti-spasmotics. I got some temporary relief
from the results of mail in sensitivity tests. I had reached the point of constant
stomach pain when I reached out to Sarah at Neumann Nutrition. Through my
many year journey, Sarah is the most knowledgeable and scientific person that I
have met regarding gut issues. She sent someone to my home to draw blood for
a much more detailed and useful sensitivity test in addition to two other tests.
Sarah explained the results of each test as we moved through the process. She
developed a personalized diet for me and showed me how to introduce
additional foods. She was alway available to help me with set backs and
suggestions as to how to proceed. Sarah is my hero! She has truly changed my
life. I highly recommend her for gut issues.

I have been very happy with the results of our working together. It didn’t take long for the new diet to improve my digestive issues. The real surprise was with my blood-sugar numbers. It seemed so easy to bring my numbers into control. I knew your services was what I had been looking for so long. The lab work was so helpful to know what foods to avoid. After about 35 years of misery it is so good to not be in pain all the time. Another thing I so appreciated was that you were so well prepared to answer my questions and always right on time for each appointment. Thank you so much, it’s been great working with you.

Sarah literally changed my life. For years I have been deprived of most foods because of the weird reactions foods caused me. I never knew how I would react (vomiting, hives, etc.), so I avoided social situations involving food, which is just about any social situation! I followed Sarah’s recommendations to the letter & now I’m eating a normal diet. I can’t praise Sarah enough for giving me back a normal life.

After living with longterm gut and stomach issues, I found Sarah. Her program was exactly
what I was aiming for. We did a lot of testing and talking through my personal issues and she developed a plan for me to tackle having a better, feeling life. During the 3 months, I
discovered this path to healing not necessarily a “straight line” but more of a zig-zag. Ha!
Sarah was with me every step of the way. After completing her program, I am
definitely feeling much better, with little to no symptoms. Highly recommend Sarah! Very insightful. Thank you.

Totally recommend this program. It’s pricey but well worth the money. I have health issues which Sarah
addressed. Feel like a totally pain free person. I have a new appreciation for what goes in my body. I don’t
even miss those foods which made me ill.

I reached out to Sarah after struggling with feeling bloated and fatigued, while experiencing severe bouts of eczema, asthma and chronic coughing, sneezing, and congestion.  Overall, I just didn’t feel well in my body. 

After the first week on Sarah’s program I noticed my sleep improved drastically, I wasn’t waking up in the middle of the night like I used to.  In fact, while on Sarah’s program all of my symptoms drastically improved.  At the start of her program my symptom survey score was 177 points, I’m currently down to just 18 points.

Now when I eat something that doesn’t work for my body, I notice it right away.  Before I think I just felt bad all the time so I wasn’t ever able to tell the difference.  I don’t feel as hungry as I used to and I’m able to feel satisfied with the foods I’m eating. 
Overall, I feel less bloated and I feel so much better in my body. 

I loved Sarah’s program because it was well laid out for me and I never felt judged if I went off track a little.  Sarah always kept me feeling confident in my ability to follow through and I appreciated having her accountability every step of the way.  I can’t recommend Sarah’s program enough, I really felt like it was the greatest investment in my health!

As a result of signing up for Sarah’s program, I feel better than ever and I found it was well worth the investment. The thing I loved most was being able to have one on one meetings whenever I needed.

I really enjoyed the virtual set up of Sarah’s program. The program was hard, but well worth the effort because I can now leave my house without worrying about digestive issues ruining my day.

Sarah’s knowledge of food and how it works in my body has really helped me!

With Sarah’s program, my IBS symptoms completely resolved. Sarah was available to me whenever I had a question. I would definitely recommend Sarah because I feel that she genuinely cares for her clients and she is compassionate.

After I started with Sarah’s program I noticed that I was feeling much better, my stomach hurting was no longer a daily issue or stressful factor before I ate something. Now I am confident that what I eat is good for me and will work 100% in my favor instead of against me.

Sarah worked with me to develop a supplement and diet plan to combat the injuries and pain I was experiencing from a variety of sports injuries. She is experienced, well-educated and well-expressed. I learned a tremendous amount from the testing she ordered and from her interpretation of the results.

Her recommendations were attainable and have produced some really positive results for me– I feel like I know more about my body and what it needs to be healthy both now and in the long-term. I am very grateful to Sarah for her expertise, patience and thoughtfulness and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to further their own nutrition and wellness goals.

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Sarah Neumann Haske, MS, RDN is a Digestive Health Dietitian and owner of Neumann Nutrition & Wellness, LLC. Her practice helps women heal their gut using a root-cause approach to their health. As a result of her program, her clients are able to come off medications, feel more energized, and live a radiant care-free life. If you’re interested in finding direction and accountability while discovering freedom from your digestive issues, then schedule your free call with Sarah now.