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Get rid of stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, reflux and more


My Digestive Reset Program is for you if:

  • You’re so over having to run to the bathroom during work meetings.
  • You just want to be able to go on a long drive or vacation without feeling anxious.
  • You’re afraid to eat particular foods because you “think” it may or may not be giving you issues.
  • Your doctor put you on a “Low FODMAP Diet” which has done nothing to solve your digestive issues and just created more chaos in your life.
  • You’ve seen countless physicians and other healthcare practitioners– all without much success in treating your digestive disorder.
  • You’re tired of hearing “All of your tests look normal!”, OR “There’s nothing more we can do for you.” OR “Here’s a prescription for …”
  • You’re SO OVER your digestive issues ruining your life.
  • You feel alone in your health journey because you don’t have someone to support you, answer your questions, and give you the direction and accountability you need.
  • You just want someone to help you navigate this complicated digestive problem and send you on your road to recovery.

I understand EXACTLY what you’re going through because I’ve helped dozens of clients, just like you, overcome their digestive problems too.

Who Am I?

You’re probably wondering who I am and why I’m so qualified to help you get your digestive issues under control.

Well, in short, I’m a Digestive Health Dietitian who works with women to help them get to the bottom of what’s causing their life-destructing digestive issues (let’s be honest). 

In my practice I use a root-causeindividualized approach to your digestive health plan. No more cookie cutter recommendations or WebMD guidelines. The plans I develop are unique and curated JUST FOR YOU.

We connect ALL. THE. DOTS. and leave no stone un-turned. By looking at the WHOLE picture of YOU we can put you on the fastest path to healing so you can get your life & body back once and for all.

Long-term pharmaceutical prescriptions shouldn’t be the only option for your healing.

As a digestive health specialist, my treatments are very different from traditional medical practitioners.

I’ve been through digestive issues myself and I understand exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes. I’ll listen to your specific needs and provide the support and knowledge you need to help you feel your best.

My approach to your total gut reset involves finding the root-cause of your digestive issue, then treating it with a combination of nutritional and lifestyle interventions.

Instead of giving generic guidelines or pills that give you negative side effects, I provide a personalized plan for your journey to health.

You’ll get the accountability you need to keep you on track as you regain your freedom from digestive discomfort and frustrating doctors visits. 

What Others Are Saying about Sarah’s Digestive Reset Program:

I’ve been sick for a long time and now I can say I feel the best I have in years! Sarah has helped me so much over the past few months, my food sensitivities, acid reflux, I had so much pain in my stomach when I’d eat. It’s all so much better. I don’t have to worry when I go places, I know what works for me and what doesn’t. Thanks to Sarah for all the testing and tweaking. It was always so great when we talked, she helped me feel so much better and she is so kind and comforting. I only wish I found her years ago.

“I contacted Sarah after reading about her program online. I felt like I was the poster person for the website. The three month program included food sensitivity testing. After the first two weeks of working with her, my digestive issues were well on the way to being managed. Thank you Sarah, you changed my life.

“I have been very happy with the results of our working together. It didn’t take long for the new diet to improve my digestive issues. The real surprise was with my blood-sugar numbers. It seemed so easy to bring my numbers into control. I knew your services was what I had been looking for so long. The lab work was so helpful to know what foods to avoid. After about 35 years of misery it is so good to not be in pain all the time. Another thing I so appreciated was that you were so well prepared to answer my questions and always right on time for each appointment. Thank you so much, it’s been great working with you.”

What makes my Digestive Reset Program better than the rest?

  • YOU’RE NOT JUST ANOTHER PATIENT IN MY PRACTICE. When you work with me, you’ll feel understood. I won’t ever tell you “there’s nothing more we can do” or “it’s all in your head”. I’m a practitioner that listens & truly cares about your success. I want you to be successful in my program so you’ll get all the attention you need and you’ll never feel rushed like you do at your doctor’s office.
  • YOU’LL ADD THE RIGHT FOODS, SUPPLEMENTS, & TESTS, AT THE RIGHT TIME, IN THE RIGHT ORDER. Without a tried & true step-by-step process, you’ll waste so much time and money and barely get any results. You could be focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time or miss an important step when you do it all on your own. Any of these elements done out of context or in the wrong order are a waste of your time and money. Knowing what to prioritize when is the key to prevent overwhelm while getting you results.
  • YOU’LL SAVE TIME, MONEY, AND ENERGY. No more wasted time sitting in doctors’ offices or researching elimination diets & supplements without much success. No more lost days due to lack of productivity, stomach pain, or bathroom trips. And no more wasting your money on medications, supplements, or procedures that just don’t work. If you keep going at it on your own, you’ll end up in a never ending circle of hopelessness. If what your doctor is recommending isn’t helping you, it’ll cost you more money in the long run as your problem gets worse.
  • YOU’RE NOT CHARGED BY THE SESSION OR THE MINUTE. Most health practitioners charge per session and bill you based on the amount of time you’ve spent with them. When you work with me, time won’t be an issue as we can meet as often as you need during our time working together. Your success will be exponential as a result.
  • YOU’LL BE FOLLOWING A 100% PERSONALIZED PLAN. Healing digestive issues is an individualized process. The recommendations I provide to you aren’t cookie-cutter and they’re not the generic guidelines you’ll find on WebMD either. Everything we do is personalized to you, which is the only way you’ll get results.
  • THE BEST AND MOST IMPORTANT TESTS YOU NEED ARE INCLUDED IN YOUR PACKAGED PROGRAM. The tests I use include: food sensitivity testing, DNA stool testing, and micronutrient testing. These tests give us a comprehensive look at what’s going on so we can fix your gut issues without wasting more money & time by just shooting in the dark and guessing. These cutting-edge functional medicine tests aren’t available at your doctors office. As a convenience to you, I include these tests in the cost of your packaged program so you won’t waste thousands of dollars more to get the answers you need.
  • YOU’RE GETTING A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH. What I do is very different from traditional medicine practices. You’ll understand the complexities of your digestive issues, we’ll put things into context for you, you’ll understand what your test results mean, and you’ll feel clear about the diet & supplement protocol that’s recommended for your individual scenario. Most of my clients say I’ve given them more clarity and results than any of their doctors ever did. What most doctors forget is that diet and lifestyle are foundational to most any health challenge– this is especially true for those suffering from gut issues.
  • YOU’RE MORE LIKELY TO SUCCEED BECAUSE YOU WON’T FALL OFF THE WAGON. My clients see 50-75% improvement in their symptoms when we first start working together, with further improvement over time. My program will help you develop new habits that’ll become easy and natural so you continue to live your life without all of your attention focused on your digestive issues. People fall off track when they don’t have support or accountability. That’s why you can reach me any time you need during the 3 months we’re working together. When you work with me, you’ll never be stuck because I’m just a message away.

How my process works.

Step 1

You’ll schedule a complimentary call with me to discuss your digestive symptoms, what you’ve already tried, and what your goals are in working together. If I believe I can help and we’re a good fit, I’ll tell you more about my program. You’ll decide on the call if you want to get started right away. I’ve found time and time again that those who commit to working with me while we’re on the call end up being the most committed clients who get the best results.

Step 2

You’ll gain access to my client portal where you’ll fill out your health questionnaires, schedule appointments, upload previous lab work, keep a food and mood journal, and more.

Our first appointment will be scheduled about 10-14 days after our initial call when we get your food sensitivity lab results. This first appointment will give you clarity around what’s the ideal diet for you based upon your body’s immune reaction to various foods. You’ll have a personalized food plan with recipes, meal & snack ideas, and specific product recommendations to get you started.

Step 3

We meet again on a weekly basis for the first 4 weeks. By the second week on your new diet, you’ll begin to see a significant reduction in your overall symptoms. We’ll begin adding in more foods and expand your diet gradually to identify what foods are working and what foods aren’t.

During this time we’ll receive the results of your DNA stool test. Often any symptoms that are lingering after implementing your new diet have to do with Gut Dysbiosis, Leaky Gut, or other inflammatory processes happening in your gut.

Step 4

With your stool test results, we’ll have insight into what’s actually going on inside your gut and what could be further contributing to inflammation.

We’ll modify your food, supplement, and lifestyle plan accordingly. We may need to re-balance your gut flora with probiotics or plant botanicals, or support your digestion and detoxification. This step happens over the remaining 2 months and it’s very important for your continued long-term success.

Your gut has been suffering for years and you need to allow your body adequate time to readjust and heal.

Step 5

In the remaining 2 months we’ll also review results from your micronutrient testing. Often this very important piece gets missed.

Micronutrient testing identifies nutrients you could be depleted in that are essential for your gut to heal and function properly.

If you have any kind of deficiency it doesn’t matter what foods we take out or what things we re-balance, if your body is needing particular nutrients to function optimally it just won’t heal.

Step 6

By the third month we’ve achieved many of your digestive health goals. I anticipate that you’ll be mostly symptom-free or at least have made a major transformation in your health.

It’s impossible to guarantee you’ll be 100% symptom free by the end of 3 months because each person’s medical history and desire to fully implement the suggested protocol will vary. You’ll likely need to continue with my recommendations for longer. You can take everything you learned about nutrition, gut health, cooking, meal planning, how your body works, your test results, and your long-term plan and move forward on your own.

If you like my support, feedback and accountability, we can continue to work together with monthly follow-ups. We may discuss additional tests to take your health to the next level or re-test your stool to make sure we corrected imbalances. We’ll talk about what you need towards the end of your program.

Most of my patients feel confident on their own, but people with multiple digestive or autoimmune conditions, or people who have had their symptoms for a very long time, tend to like to continue for a few more months together.

The Transformation You’ll See:

  • You’ll have the freedom to do what you want when you want without planning your day around your digestive problem.
  • You’ll be able to participate in your work and hobbies fully without having your attention diverted to your digestive issues
  • You’ll feel in control of your health and life.
  • You’ll be able to be more intimate with your partner and feel less isolated from your friends and family.
  • You’ll have more time to do the things you love and less anxiety.
  • You’ll go from feeling lonely and embarrassed to feeling carefree & radiant.

You could continue trying to figure it all out on your own, not get the results you want, feel frustrated, and continue to suffer from your pain and discomfort.

OR you could work with me and be confident that the foods you’re eating are working 100% in your favor, get a customized protocol that will work for you, get faster results, experience a significant reduction in symptoms, have more energy, and feel like a new person inside and out.


Did You Know?

  • Digestive issues are a MAJOR women’s health issue.
  • Of the people diagnosed with digestive issues, 60-65% of those are women
  • Digestive issues can control many aspects of a woman’s physical, emotional, economic, educational and social well-being.
  • Data reveals an increased risk for unnecessary abdominal surgery in patients struggling with digestive issues who’re female.
  • Since you probably don’t want to live the rest of your life with digestive issues that have the potential to irreversibly wreck your life, it’s time to do something about it.
  • I offer a complete gut protocol to ensure your life doesn’t involve being another statistic.


I primarily work with women who struggle with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). I've also helped many others struggling with chronic diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain, bloating, and reflux / GERD. I’ve also helped women who’re struggling with autoimmune conditions or similar conditions with an unknown cause. Although my practice primarily focuses on women’s health, I’ve also worked with men who have any of the above mentioned conditions as well.
Often I will recommend some sort of supplemental protocol to help speed up your recovery. The supplements I recommend will be specific to your needs, not contain any of your sensitivities, and give you the specific nutrients you need in therapeutic dosages. As a courtesy, my program clients get 20% off professional grade supplements when they shop via my online dispensary while working with me.
There's no limit to the number of sessions we have, we meet as often as you need to get the best result. Typically that looks like once a week for the first 3-4 weeks and every 2-3 weeks there after. In between sessions you can ask simple questions; more complex questions will need to be addressed in session.
I use specialized functional medicine lab tests that aren’t available in conventional medical practices or covered by insurance. These may include food sensitivity, stool, micronutrient, urine tests, genomic tests, etc. Your conventional primary care doctor doesn’t use these tests because they aren't covered by insurance. People who've eliminated their symptoms with my program often have had other tests done with their conventional medical provider that either came back “fine” or offered no direction for therapy. With my program you won't waste your time going back and forth between your doctor and your health insurance. If you already have results from a colonoscopy, endoscopy, celiac panel, or other blood test, you'll want to submit those to me as part of your assessment. If you plan to work with me and haven’t had a physical in the past year, I’ll give you a list of basic lab work to ask your doctor to order; often doctors will skip over important labs unless you ask.
I'm a virtual practitioner so that means I can meet with you wherever you are. We'll meet either via my online secure video chat (accessed within your client portal) OR if that's too techy for you we can meet via phone call. Whatever you feel most comfortable with.
The program is 3 months long. This is the minimum amount of time we'll need to make sure you're on the right path for healing. During our complimentary consult I'll let you know if I think I can help and if we're a good fit. When you decide to sign up, we'll get started once we receive your food sensitivity results which is typically 10-14 days after our initial call.
It's likely you'll have to avoid certain foods for a period of time. As you progress with my program, I'll give you a plan to introduce them back again. However, you may have a condition that requires you to avoid certain foods for a longer period of time or indefinitely. You may notice that certain foods keep triggering symptoms and you feel better when you don't eat them. Not to worry though, part of this process is figuring out what we can substitute or bring in to fill those gaps you might be feeling. The goal is for your gut to heal while also allowing you to feel satisfied with your food choices.
My program is not covered by insurance but you'll get so much more than what insurance allows or deems “billable” or “necessary.” In some cases you can use your HSA or FSA card to pay for the program (you'll have to check with them first though). You can’t put a price on your health and on being able to eat, travel, and function without pain or discomfort from your gut issues. My program will save you time, thousands of dollars in the long run, and provide the answers you'll need for complete healing. Please set up a free call with me to learn more.

Ready to eliminate your digestive problem once and for all?


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Sarah Neumann Haske, MS, RDN is a Gut Health Dietitian and owner of Neumann Nutrition & Wellness, LLC.

Her practice helps women heal their gut using a root-cause approach to their health.

As a result of her Digestive Reset Program, her clients are able to know exactly which foods they can eat without issue, come off medications, and engage in their life to the fullest.

If you’re interested in being a partner in your own health journey while finding the direction and accountability you need to reach your digestive health goals, you can schedule a call with Sarah here.

Results will vary person to person.