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Integrative Health Tips for Coronavirus

Wow, what crazy times we’re living in right now.

At the beginning of the week I emailed you about the importance of addressing your gut health in order to protect against potential coronavirus infection.

As the week goes on, we see unexpected changes.  Schools are closed, restaurants and bars are now only offering take out options, and we’re asked to restrict gatherings to 10 or less people.  This is unprecedented.

I wanted to offer some practical guidance and integrative health tips for coronavirus while we all begin to hunker down.

Obviously you want to follow the basics:

You’ll want to consider lifestyle habits during this time as well:

Consider adding nutritional supplements to enhance your immune system. 

I’ve created a “COVID-19” category in my online Fullscript supplement dispensary. You can create an account free of charge, and order any of the suggested brands I list below.

These supplement guidelines are just suggestions, I do not know your individual health scenario. As always, please consult with your healthcare provider before adding in any supplements as they have to potential to negatively interact with pharmaceuticals and/or particular health diagnoses:

Finally it’s SUPER important to purchase high quality supplements from high quality vendors, like Fullscript, as Amazon reported to its consumers that they’re likely receiving counterfeit supplements.

Here are my supplement suggestions:

I know this might sound like alot of supplements for a few of you. At a minimum, I’d recommend you stick to a daily Multivitamin, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Probiotics, and an antimicrobial such as Monolaurin.

The supplements I’ve listed above are very popular immune support items so what I have listed here may sell out in the coming days. For example, there’s been on ongoing shortage of vitamin C. 

You can always look around for a similar substitute for what I recommend above.  When you order on Fullscript, you can click on “Similar Items” and it will provide a list of alternative similar to the item you’re looking for.

In conclusion

Well that’s it!  I hope you found this guide helpful to keep you and your loved ones as healthy as possible during this evolving situation. Please always feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. Wishing you health & wellness during these times.

With gratitude,

Sarah Neumann Haske, MS, RDN is a Digestive Health Dietitian and owner of Neumann Nutrition & Wellness, LLC. Her practice helps women heal their gut using a root-cause approach to their health. As a result of her program, her clients are able to come off medications, feel more energized, and live a radiant care-free life. If you’re interested in finding direction and accountability while discovering freedom from your digestive issues, then schedule your free call with Sarah now.