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Client Success Stories.

This is part of a quote from a client of mine: “After the first week of doing Sarah’s program, I saw immediate improvement.”

The Background Story.

This particular client struggled HARD with digestive issues for almost 20 YEARS and when she came to me, it was at its worst.

She struggled with diarrhea so much so that she opted to work from home instead of from her office (luckily she had that option!).

However, her job did require quarterly travel which produced a lot of anxiety for her, as you can imagine!

She’d been to her doctor complaining of her digestive issues and they performed a MRI and colonoscopy on her. They didn’t find anything and diagnosed her with “IBS” and handed her a medication.

(Does this sound like your story? Because this is nearly EVERYONE I see).

No surprise, the medication didn’t really help her and she continued on suffering because there didn’t seem to be any other options offered by her doctor.

In the meantime, she was also struggling with migraine headaches (since 2004), fatigue, reflux (relying on antacids to control), and extreme bloating.

What we found.

We ran a food sensitivity test and stool test to see what actually was going on with her immune system and gut.

With her food sensitivity test we found she had a sensitivity to potassium nitrite, corn, wheat, polysorbate, food dyes, and more.

On her stool test we found a high level of candida, low digestive capacity, and a highly reactive immune system in her gut (likely due to all the sensitivities she was dealing with).

After just the FIRST week on my program, she remarked she “hadn’t felt this good in I can’t remember how long” and that she’s wished she found me sooner!

Holy moly!

Not only that, her symptoms progressively improved during our time working together.

>>Those migraines she struggled with since 2004? Gone.

>>That fatigue she was dealing with? So much improved.

>>The extreme bloating she experienced? No longer an issue for her.

My client is now able to go on her work trips without worry or fear about her digestive issues getting in the way. She’s able to fully participate in social gatherings and she feels great in her body again.

Instead of shooting in the dark guessing what her reaction to various foods were and guessing what was actually going on inside her gut, with her test results we were able to put together a concrete plan with easy to follow steps.

If you’re extremely motivated and you’re ready to get your gut health on track, then book a complimentary consult with me to see if my Digestive Reset Program is right for you.

Here’s the rest of my clients’ quote:

“Before working with Sarah, I had been struggling with digestive issues for almost 20 years. After the first week of doing Sarah’s program, I saw immediate improvement. My digestive issues markedly improved, my headaches were no longer a problem, and I started having more energy. I’ve been able to figure out exactly what foods are a trigger for me and how to manage them. Meanwhile, I’ve been able to feel 100% confidence in what foods do work for my body. Sarah’s insight and expertise were incredibly helpful. I wish I’d had found her years ago; it would’ve saved me many trips to the doctor’s office and a lot of time searching for guidance (and guessing and checking foods without much success). I would highly recommend anyone struggling with digestive issues to enroll in Sarah’s program.” 

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Don’t waste another minute of your life sitting in a doctors office and spending thousands of dollars on procedures that give you no further answers to your digestive problem. It’s time to get started and take control of your health and your life.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you now or in the future!